A Police Academy reunion!

“Police Academy” stars Leslie Easterbrook (‘Callahan’), Marion Ramsey (‘Hooks’) and Bubba Smith (‘Hightower’) have reunited for – sorry, not “Police Academy 8 : The Hunt for Mahoney”, but – “Daze Vol. 2”, a comedy starring Corey Haim and Gary Busey (a reunion for those two as well; they starred in the 80s spooker “Silver Bullet” together).

The Jeff Dean written/directed pic takes place over three days where a radio contest provides a series of events that juxtapose the struggle to obtain money or love. The film’s three interweaving stories have a different visual style, color, and theme. The red day is about love, the green day is about money, and the blue day is about death.

Busey plays in the ‘Green Day’, as Mr. Morris – hey! – an alcoholic businessman with some wacky proposals and products he’s trying to pitch to a variety of investors.

Alisa Reyes (“The Proud Family”), Patrick Kilpatrick (“Death Warrant”), Jackson Rathbone (“Twilight”) and Richard Moll (“Night Court”) co-star.

I gotta tell you, this film sounds pretty interesting – I’d kill to read the script – and power to Dean, the thing only cost him $200 grand to shoot!
As a writer/producer myself, I know just how hard it is to get cash together to make movies, and considering the guy has done this – and with an OK cast – with that, I just wanna shake his hand.

Source: Moviehole.Net

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