Volvocast Interview (January 2009)

In January 2009, the Brazilian Twilight podcast Volvocast had the opportunity to interview Jackson. Here follows the interview transcript.

Jackson: Hello?

Ily (Interviewer): Hello, is this Jackson?

Jackson: Yes it is Jackson.

Ily: Hi Jackson, this is Ily from Volvocast, the Brazilian ‘Twilight’ podcast.

Jackson: Ohh hello, how are you doing?

Ily: I’m fine, and you?

Jackson: I’m doing well, doing well, had a good New Year’s, how was yours?

Ily: Oh it was great, thank you! Oh, Happy New Year, by the way!

Jackson: Happy New Year! Happy 2009.

Ily: Thank you. Ok, before we start, I just have to say that I really appreciate you taking this time, and that Jasper is my favourite character in the Twilight series; so it’s really an honour to be speaking with you.

Jackson: Oh, thank you so much, I really appreciate that.

Ily: Ok, as I told you, our show is called Volvocast, so my first question is – Have you ever driven a Volvo?

Jackson: A Volvo? I haven’t… Or maybe I have? I’m not sure. I drive a lot of my friend’s cars just for fun.

Ily: Oh nice! Awesome.

Jackson: I don’t, myself, have a Volvo, no.

Ily: Ok, that’s fine. How has your life changed after Twilight?

Jackson: Oh, it hasn’t changed too much. I get recognised a little bit, here and there. Coming home was a lot of fun. A lot of my friends were finally able to see my work, and that’s nice for my friends and family to be able to, you know, see me doing what I love to do (mumbled) It’s been good.

Ily: That’s great. Well there has been some rumours about New Moon and Eclipse being filmed together next year, do you know anything about it?

Jackson: Oh, I don’t know quite anything about that just yet, but I believe we’re going to get started on New Moon in March, so its coming up here pretty soon, and that’ll be a lot of fun, to be able to get them both out as quick as possible.

Ily: Great. We know that Jasper doesn’t get a lot of screen time in New Moon, but he’s crucial for Edward’s decision to leave Bella. Are you looking forward to filming that scene?

Jackson: Oh I am, very much so. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I read that part of the book, and it’s just uh, ingrained in my mind of who Jasper is, and finally he breaks. All that guilt, you know, that immediate guilt, and uh yeah, I’m very excited – I’ve been thinking about that scene a lot.

Ily: Oh great – me too. What other scenes in the next movies are you most excited to film?

Jackson: Oh well, uh, I think all of it. It’s going to be interesting, getting into the werewolves, and kind of seeing how that transformation takes place, and what they do. I think it’s going to be amazing.

Ily: Uh, we checked your playlist on iTunes, and realised that you have a song from a Brazilian band in it – ‘A Minha Menina’ by Os Mutantes.

Jackson: Os Mutantes?

Ily: Yes.

Jackson: Ah ok, yes, I do love that song, I’ve got to admit, so… fantastic. I originally heard it as a cover by another, a different band, called A Band Of Bees, they covered that song, and I looked into the song, and a friend told me that Os Mutantes did it and it was better, and uh…it was.

Ily: Yeah they’re a great band.

Jackson: Original’s always better.

Ily: Yes, I agree. Um ok, there were lots of screaming girls at the Twilight Premiere in November, and Robert Pattinson says that he’s always uncomfortable when people are screaming like that. How do you feel about it?

Jackson: It’s a little bit unnerving, but at the same time it’s nice to see that there’s so much support. These girls, you know, and all these fans, boy and girl fans alike. We got women and men too! They all love it, they all really love it – and to see that love and appreciation for a piece of art that we’re doing, it’s really inspiring. If it can reach that many people, there’s something to it.

Ily: Have you always known you wanted to be an actor, or did you just wake up one day and say ‘Hey, I’m going to act!’

Jackson: Well, uh, my sisters, when I was young, they did theatre, and so I was bored and my parents said ‘You should go do theatre. I said no. I ended up joining the acting troupe building sets, I was kind of a set mover behind the scenes in theatre shows. Then after a year of that, I kind of was interested in trying out to be on stage myself and so I auditioned for one of the plays and I got in, and I kind of fell in love with it right then. Well I was really young, I was probably about 14 at that point and I always loved the theatre and right then at that moment I was like ‘Oh, this is what I want to do.’

Ily: Awesome. For you, what is the best part of being an actor?

Jackson: The best part, I’d say, of being an actor, would probably be the ability to kind of walk in someone else’s shoes. You know, get in someone else’s mindset, to experience something extreme, or you know, to experience all these different emotions and have the licence to do it, and to play characters. I always loved make-believe I suppose.

Ily: Great. Can you tell us a little bit about your character in ‘Dread’?

Jackson: Oh, my character in ‘Dread’? Yeah… His name’s Stephen Grace, he’s a film student and he’s kind of an outcast, but self-imposed. He doesn’t really, you know, make an effort to talk to anybody, he kind of has a really solitary life, but he wants to make documentaries. Another guy comes in – Quaid – with the idea of making a documentary about fear, you know, people’s deepest dread. Then Stephen gets pushed to the limit a lot of times, they all do. It’s a really, kind of… it starts off almost like a Kinsey study of fear, and then it gets into this really kind of dark, uh… well, it’s been compared to ‘Saw’ I think. So yeah, it gets a little dark at times, but it was fun. It was a lot of fun to do, Anthony DiBlasi is an amazing director, and we just had so much fun filming that movie, and I think it’s going to make people feel something.

Ily: Great. Do you have any funny stories? While you were filming it?

Jackson: Hey, funny stories? Well, um, there was a couple of things but, you know like, behind the scenes, just having some fun with the other cast members. The first night, we all got together and did a big read through, we had a pizza party while we read through all the script, and the script is very heavy, it’s very dark at times, so we had to add some levity and make it a little fun, and we read the script in funny accents. We were kind of like, making stuff up and using weird voices, eating pizza. Just having a good old time, you know?

Ily: Yeah, very good. There has been some rumours, Jackson, that you might have a role in a movie called ‘The Last Airbender’. Is it true?

Jackson: Oh, well, um… I can’t really say anything yet. It’s kind of um… I am working on some pretty heavy negotiations for another franchise, yes. I can’t really say any more than that, you know? I have to be a little coy, I’m sorry.

Ily: Ok, well, good luck with that. Do you have any big plans for 2009, besides filming New Moon and releasing a CD with your band?

Jackson: Well, uh, those are our biggest plans right now. We’re really focussed on the band right now – we’re going to be in the studio all of January, recording, so we’re going to have something out real soon, and we’re probably going to release a little ‘tribute to the fans’ EP coming out even sooner. Some old completely improvised music that we put up on our myspace ( that people have been listening to. We’ve been getting wonderful feedback (mumbles) and then we’re going to get another EP out. So we’re going to be trying to pump out as much music as possible, which is going to be a lot of fun. 100 Monkeys is a huge part of my life, it’s a passion, a definite passion.

Ily: It’s a great band, I love it.

Jackson: Oh, thank you!

Ily: Could you tell Brazil a little bit about 100 Monkeys, because not many people here know it… yet.

Jackson: Oh no? Well we would love to come down to Brazil and play. We have a couple, we saw on our myspace page, we have a few Brazilian fans that leave comments saying ‘Come to Brazil’ and we definitely hope we can do that sometime. Maybe, you know, if we get enough requests we can go there in the summer!

Ily: Oh, I’ll work on that for you!

Jackson: Oh thank you, that’d be fantastic!

Ily: Ok well, I know the next question is a stupid question, but people would kill me if I didn’t ask you this, so I apologise in advance. A while ago in our podcast, we were talking about stupid questions, and the other hosts, my friends, they asked me what I’d ask you if I ever got the chance to interview you, and I was joking around and I said that I would ask you who your favourite Power Ranger is, and yeah, I’m sorry!

Jackson: Oh no, my problem is, I am familiar with the show, but I’m kind of colourblind, so I mix up the power rangers. I mix up colours all the time, so, uh, I don’t know.

Ily: Oh, you could say blue!

Jackson: Ok, can I say blue? Is that your favourite?

Ily: Yes!

Jackson: Ok, sweet! Well let’s go with blue.

Ily: Great! I told them you would say blue.

Jackson: Ok, well, I just said blue.

Ily: Great. Wonderful! Um, alright Jackson, well thank you very much, thank you for your time.

Jackson: Thank you. Well you have a wonderful 2009.

Ily: You too, and I look forward to seeing you in New Moon, and in your other films as well.

Jackson: Well, thank you very much.

Ily: Thank you, bye bye.

Jackson: Bye bye.

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