Jackson Rathbone Backstage Lounge Interview (April 2009)

Transcript from the recent interview with Jackson at the 100 Monkeys gig at Backstage Lounge, Vancouver.  The conversation is mumbled in some parts, but this is the bulk of it!

Interviewer: You been having a lot of fun with the cast yet?

Jackson: Yeah, man…

Interviewer: Party every night?

Jackson: Party, dude… We have a lot of work to do…

Interviewer: Yeah that’s true. Early call times, right?

Jackson: Yeah well, what we like to do is keep everything in moderation.

Interviewer: Yeah, for sure! That was a hell of a Mohawk I saw on TV!

Jackson: Did you like that?!

Interviewer: Yeah, it was crazy! It was awesome man!

Jackson: Thank you…

Interviewer: How long does that take to put together??

Jackson: Well, uh, we have wonderful hair people on the set… (laughs) After I’m done shooting, they uh, we like to experiment, I suppose you could say.

Interviewer: You have to have fun with the situation, right? I mean…

Jackson: Exactly.

Interviewer: Can’t take it too seriously, right?

Jackson: I never take myself too seriously… I actually did most of my first introductions with everyone on the crew of New Moon, with my… my Mohawk. (laughs) It was longer than it is now.

Interviewer: Were you actually filming in Greenland recently?

Jackson: Uh, yeah, I was up in Greenland…

Interviewer: Yeah, that’s just like, a different adventure, right? You don’t hear about Greenland as a filming place very often!

Jackson: It is COLD!

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah?

Jackson: But the entire country looks like, uh, Haagen Dazs cookies and cream ice cream.

Interviewer: No way!

Jackson: I swear to God… (laughing)

Interviewer: You’re making me wanna go there!

Jackson: Yeah, you could take a spoon, and dip it into Greenland… (more laughing!)

Interviewer: Where you off to after Vancouver?

Jackson: Oh, to, um… Vancouver, then we go to Philadelphia.

Interviewer: Philly, yeah?

Jackson: I’m in Philadelphia… the rest of the film keeps shooting here. I’m doing another film right now…

(Talking over each other)

Interviewer: I also heard you earlier today when you were talking to the girl at the hotel, and you were telling her about doing a tour in Texas with the band?

Jackson: Yep, we might be shooting a little tour in Texas, coming up…

Interviewer: Is this like a national, or just in Texas type tour?

Jackson: Well, it’ll be basically just in Texas. What we’re trying to do right now is we’re trying to hit the west coast, and then we’re gonna go head to the east coast, over in like, you know, Philadelphia, we have ‘Just Sports’ Burlington (A.N. – Please note, this venue has now changed)

Interviewer: Yeah? Must have an NYC show somewhere in there…

Jackson: Yup, we do, we do… We’re kind of keeping it all quiet now.

Interviewer: Banana man, the manager!

Interviewer: Banana man! Big plans… You got big plans cooking up for the band?

Marty: Oh, course… Going through jungles and shit like that.

Jackson: Been telling then about the east coast, like, right now, we’re going for the west coast, then we’re gonna go for the east coast.

Marty: East coast is gonna be awesome!

Jackson: East coast will be beautiful.

Marty: We got Philly, we JUST got another one, it’s all finalised now and confirmed.

Interviewer: You guys playing Brooklyn, NYC, Bowery Room or something like that?

Marty: Hopefully Brook… Hopefully Manhattan… We got a…

Jackson: Well we’re looking at it right now, what we’d honestly love to do is just basically say ‘Hey listen, two weeks, three weeks..’ We put it on our myspace, we put it to the fans, because we love playing music, but you can’t play music without people to listen to you. You know, it’s like you can’t be an actor without people to act to. You need these things, and for us, it’s like, we like to give the audience power. We like to say, ‘Hey, we wanna go play this place, it’s convenient for us to be here at this time, could you help us out?’ and that’s exactly how we do it.

Interviewer: Oh really? No way. That’s awesome.

Jackson: Our fans are amazing.

Marty: This, and the Rio Theater. We were like, well, we’re having trouble getting in touch with venues, like…

Interviewer: No one returned your call, and all of a sudden, like ‘Heyyy I booked you guys for a gig’…

Marty: I actually mentioned to another manager that I was doing cold calls to theatres and he’s like ‘Really? You actually do that??’ and I was like ‘Yeah dude, I work hard for these guys!’

Interviewer: Yeah… awesome job…

Marty: Yeah, but, umm, this, really these venues, I was like ‘Hey guys, we really wanna play Vancouver, what venues do you recommend, can you help us?’ and eventually they were like ‘Hey, we got these gigs for you’… We were like, ‘We’ll take them’.

Interviewer: Yeah, the Rio Theater is a good one for you guys.

Marty: Oh we’re really excited.

Jackson: We’re stoked.

Interviewer: It’s an all ages show, too. That’s gonna be crazy, all the kids out there.

Interviewer: Jackson, you ever wear the banana suit?

Jackson: Be careful…

Interviewer: Go to the Rio in the banana suit, come on!

Jackson: For our music video, we have a uh… Our website is in maintenance right now…

Interviewer: Yeah.

Jackson: It’s been through many hands, we haven’t been satisfied and we’re trying to work on something that has a little bit of, um you know, 100 Monkeys…

Interviewer: Websites are tough!

Marty: It is, it’s very tough…

Jackson: And none of us are computer savvy. We just play instruments and have ideas and all that.

(Talking over each other)

Jackson: like, we have ideas but we cannot do it on a computer. (laughing) So basically we’re trying to get that set up, but we’re going to have a music video that’s um…

Interviewer: You guys are all gonna be in banana suits?

All: Ahhhhhh!

Marty: Don’t know WHAT you’re talking about…

(Talking over each other)

Jackson: We have a music video to a song called ‘Slow Down’ which is on our album ‘Monster De Lux’, which is on iTunes, and it’s directed by Will Schmidt…

Interviewer: Oh ok…

Interviewer: Oh seriously?

Jackson: Yeah dude… Will SCHMIDT not… (laughing – it seems the interviewer thought Jackson meant Will SMITH) nah it’s Will Schmidt, he’s another good friend of ours.

Interviewer: You say it quick and people will be impressed!

Interviewer: (talks fast) WILL SCHMIDT…

Jackson: …. directed our music video. ‘We just wanna say thank you to Will… SCHMIDT.’ And, uh, thanks Will.


Jackson: No, but we uh, we got some good people around us. Its like, what we’ve always wanted to do with our careers, and um, our art.

Interviewer: Yeah.

(Talking over each other)

Interviewer: So it is music first or movies first? I you had to make the decision tomorrow?

Jackson: I’m gonna have my cake and I’m gonna eat it too, and I don’t even like cake!

Interviewer: That’s awesome!

Interviewer: Thanks for your time…

Jackson: Oh yeah, cheers… I’m probably gonna head inside but thank you once again.

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