About.Com Jackson Rathbone Interview (2008)

Jackson Rathbone (‘Jasper’) plays a vampire who has the ability to manipulate emotions in the big screen adaptation of Twilight, the bestselling book by Stephenie Meyer. At Twilight‘s Los Angeles premiere – surrounded by hundreds of fans who didn’t stop screaming for three hours – Rathbone talked about Meyer’s take on vampire mythology.

So we don’t really see his special powers in this one.

Jackson Rathbone: “Oh no.”


Jackson Rathbone: “We’ve a lot to do in this film and Jasper’s powers are one of those that you don’t really want to give up right on the onset. I think, hopefully, we get to do the second and third film and by the third film I think it’ll be very obvious. However I think we do a little subtleties here and there. I don’t know if you catch up on them but whenever Jasper meets Bella for the first time inside the Cullen house, there’s a little bit of a moment. It’s a slight, very subtle thing that Catherine [Hardwicke] worked on with all of us.”

It’s not something that you can outwardly show anyway.

Jackson Rathbone: “You know, it has to do with other people. It’s the ability to manipulate emotions. Maybe if turned around they’d yell all scream.”

Are you tired of signing your autograph yet?

Jackson Rathbone: “You know, no, but I think my hands have gone numb.”

So why do you think people love Twilight so much?

Jackson Rathbone: “I think everybody’s always attracted to the vampire genre. I’ve always been, myself. And the mythology of being immortal and invulnerable basically, it’s something extreme. I’ve always been attracted to extremes in life and in stories and art. I think that’s why people are here because it’s extreme yet at the same time, it’s grounded in morality.”

Did you miss not having fangs?

Jackson Rathbone: “You know, I was worried because that was going to be a mess. I’d be talking like this the entire time. I have fangs in my mouth and I can’t speak properly. No, no, no. We all talked about that and we’re really happy because it makes it more realistic, a little bit more modern, you know?”

Why does it make it more modern?

Jackson Rathbone: “Because it’s always been the old fairy tale that Nosferatu has these long fangs or Buffy the Vampire Slayer where their faces go and the forehead and the teeth grow out. So it’s like we’re in a new age, a new age that says, ‘Hey, you’ve got some pretty nice canines. I’ve got some pretty good canines. We can sink our teeth into some flesh. We could do some damage, couldn’t we?'”

Are you ready for New Moon?

Jackson Rathbone: “I don’t know if anybody is. I don’t know what’s going on with it. I think that we’re going to wait until tonight and then we’re going to figure that all out.”

But you’re hoping?

Jackson Rathbone: “Of course. Yeah.”


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