Beautiful People : ABC Family May Just Have a Hit on Their Hands

In ABC Family’s new drama Beautiful People, veteran actress Daphne Zuniga plays Lynn Kerr, a fashion designer who reinvents her life by moving from Esperanza, NM to New York after a nasty divorce from her husband Daniel, portrayed in recent episodes by Grant Show, Zuniga’s on-screen love interest in the 90’s show Melrose Place. When Zuniga’s character, Lynn, finds herself accepting favors, among other things, from college sweetheart Julian Fiske, played by James McCaffrey, things start to get a little complicated.

Playing the couple’s daughters Sophie and Karen are Sarah Foret and Torrey DeVitto. Foret plays the Kerrs’ younger daughter Sophie, who recently transferred to New York’s prestigious Brighton High. Despite being torn between two worlds, the bp’s (beautiful people) and the non bp’s, not to mention between two guys, Jackson Rathbone’s character bp Nicky Fiske, son of Lynn’s college sweetheart Julian, and guy-next-door-fashioned Gideon, portrayed by Ricky Mabe, Sophie managed to make it through her first semester Brighton in one piece. After choosing Nicki over Gideon, Sophie’s life flips upside down when Julian leaves Nicki’s mom and is spotted, by Nicki, pursuing Lynn Kerr.

Meanwhile, DeVitto’s character, Karen Kerr, struggles to find her way in a city where it seems everyone is thinner and prettier. After a brief addiction to weight control pills and surviving an attempted attack by a stalker-teacher , Karen has managed to get herself back on track mentally and emotionally. If only her career were on track, she would have it made. An aspiring model, Karen has worked a number of odd jobs in hopes of happening upon the perfect opportunity.

Just when Lynn and the girls are getting used to their fast-paced New York life, Lynn’s ex-husband, Daniel shows up to try to win his family back. And if he can’t win his family, he’s at least intent on taking Sophie back home to Esperanza. But Lynn is not going to give up without a fight.

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