Girls’ Life (August-Sept, 2005)

CLAIM TO FAME: Jackson is Nicholas on ABC Family’s Beautiful People, premiering Aug. 8 at 10 p.m.

HOMETOWN: “I was born in Singapore. I’ve lived in Indonesia, London, Connecticut, California, Norway, Texas, and then I went to Interlochen in Michigan.”

WANDERLUST: He then moved to LA and now lives in Toronto, where BP, is filmed (although, it’s set in Manhattan). “We do pick-up shots in New York to give it a realistic feel.”

LIP LUST: Watch BP’s second episode for his first on-screen kiss with Sarah Foret as Sophie. GL had dinner with the cast in NY, and we promise there’s no off-screen crushin’. The two are tight pals!

ON HOOKING UP WITH A BUD: “It feels a little awkward being that intimate. It’s not going to be making out. That’s one thing I talked to [the director] about. I don’t want to do a sloppy, you-can-see-tongue thing.” OK, girls, you can kiss his pic now.

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