OK! Magazine (March 2006) Interview

Trying to get questions answered when a bunch of guys are eating, drinking, laughing and talking is no easy task. OK! Invited TV’s hottest new hunks — Callum Blue from Related, Justin Baldoni from Everwood, Jackson Rathbone from Beautiful People and Matt Lanter from Commander in Chief — to check ou Magnolia restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in L.A., and the result was, uh, noisy. Of course, it’s not surprising that when four actors who star on four top of the TV shows get together they clearly have a lot in common. For all of them, landing a major role on these shows is a huge deal, plus they get to work with some of the best-looking women in Hollywood (Callum’s character is married to Jennifer Esposito, for example). Throw in some drinks and neighborhood-restaurant classics with a hip twist, and the conversation flows easily from Hollywood life and navigating the red carpet to drunken auditions…

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you end up on your respective shows?
Jackson: I started in theater and was actually on my way to study Shakespeare and theater at The Royal Scottish Academy when I moved out to Los Angeles, and here I am on a weekly drama! I realized that there aren’t many roles for someone my age in theater, so for now I’m concentrating on film and TV.

Do you like living in Los Angeles and doing the whole “Hollywood” thing?
Jackson: My family is from Texas, which is totally different. I realize that the whole “Hollywood” thing is part of the game, but I’m much more of a small-town type of guy. If you’re looking for me on a Friday night, I’ll probably be at the movies or at home reading a book.

Are any of you good cooks?
Jackson: I’m totally domesticated. I learned how to cook in boarding school and I love to eat. One of my favorite things about L.A. is that there so many great places to eat out.

Finally, while we tuck into this fantastic dessert, do any of you have a dream movie job?
Jackson: I want to be in Star Wars 18.

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