IndyStar.Com Interview (2011)

Jackson Rathbone, known for his portrayal of vampire Jasper Hale in the “Twilight” movies, says long hours are required to be an actor and also a member of rock band 100 Monkeys.

“I usually work about 12 hours on set and rehearse about four or five hours a night,” said Rathbone, who will appear with 100 Monkeys Wednesday in the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre. “It’s not easy to break into the entertainment industry as an actor or as a band.”

The 26-year-old merges his careers in upcoming film “Live at the Foxes Den.”

“I play a young lawyer who becomes a lounge singer,” Rathbone said. “I’m doing standards like ‘Old Devil Moon,’ ‘I Get a Kick Out of You’ and ‘You Make Me Feel So Young.’ The style I’m going for is a mix of Frank Sinatra and Chet Baker.”

Rathbone’s baritone vocals, which have sparked comparisons to Jim Morrison, are showcased on new 100 Monkeys album “Liquid Zoo.”

“I’ve loved entertaining people since I was a kid,” he said. “In life, I’ve been driven by the ability to get on a stage and hopefully get a crowd dancing. Call it escapism or entertainment or just good old rock ‘n’ roll.”

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