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I have a TV show that is on ABC Family that I think you may really enjoy. It’s an excellent family show although I don’t recommend it to children under thirteen. “Beautiful People” (Mondays, 8:00-9:00 PM, CST) is a drama about a mother and her two teenage daughters that move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City and follows their struggles of moving to a big city. The show stars Daphne Zuniga from “Melrose Place” and two newcomers Sarah Foret and Torrey DeVitto.

Lynn Kerr (Zuniga), a forty-year-old and newly divorced, finds her life turned upside down when her younger gifted daughter Sophie (Foret), receives an academic scholarship to attend Brighton, a prestigious private school in New York City, which is mainly populated by a group of wealthy, privileged kids known as the Beautiful People, or BP’s for short. The move becomes especially hard and challenging for her two daughters who find out life in the big city is not as exciting as they thought it would be.

In “Beautiful People” are also two young men who are destining to go far in the world of show business; Jackson Rathbone and Ricky Mabe.

Jackson stars as Nicholas “Nicky” Fisk and finds he has an undeniable connection with Sarah when she arrives at Brighton. Though he is heir to a media empire and part of the school’s group of elite, wealthy and popular socialites, Nicky aspires to be a writer and wants more from life than what his parents’ money can buy him.

Jackson was born in Singapore and lived in many different areas before settling in Los Angeles. His theater credits include lead roles in “A Midsummer’s Night’s dream,” “Macbeth,” “Les Miserables,” “Grease,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and “The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.” Prior to landing the role on “Beautiful People,” Jackson worked extensively on Disney 411 for the Disney Channel as a reporter, where he often interviewed stars like Raven and Hilary Duff. His film roles include the lead in the independent horror flick “Pray for Dawn,” “Travis & Henry” and “Molding Clay.” When I seen him on “Beautiful People” I instantly noticed he looks like a young Hugh Grant.

Ricky Mabe stars as Gideon, son of Tyler Lustig, a world famous artist, who quickly befriends Sophie on the first day of school and develops feelings for her. Though he has had a privileged upbringing, Gideon is not part of the popular and stuck up BP crowd.

Ricky was born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and has been working as an actor in Montreal since the age of twelve. He made his debut in the film “Frankenstein and Me” opposite veteran Burt Reynolds and has gone on to earn lead rolls in “Nightmare Man,” “Phantom of the Megaplex,” and “Believe.” He is an avid fan of music, movies and stand up comedy, at which he is recently tried his hand in for the first time.

On our last Viewers Voice TV Show, My co-host Deborah Schroeder and I interviewed Jackson and Ricky on the phone from Toronto, Canada where they film “Beautiful People.” It was a fun time, the boys were really sweet and I thought I’d share the interview with you since I feel “Beautiful People” has real potential to be a success.

Sharon: We have two young men with us this evening and they’re coming from Toronto where “Beautiful People” is taped. We have Jackson Rathbone, and you play Nickolas.

Jackson: Hello. Yes I do.

Sharon: And we have Ricky, is your last name pronounced Maybe?

Ricky: It is Maybe.

Sharon: You play Gideon. We just showed the clip where you two young men are fighting over Sophie in the nightclub. Maybe you could just explain to our viewers a little bit about your characters and what you think might be the possibilities of where this is going to go with the two of you over Sophie. Who wants to be first?

Jackson: We’re rock, paper scissoring this right now to be honest. I think it’s me, this is Jackson. I think the show can best be summoned up as a show about a family, a mother and her two daughters moving to New York and their spirit is there and just kind of brings them together because they’re each faced with a different challenge. Sophie going to this new private school with a bunch of spoiled brats, to be honest and she makes good friends. She meets Gideon, Ricky Mabe and Kathleen Munroe who plays Anabelle and she becomes friends with them and at the same time she also starts to have affection for Nickolas Fiske, who I play, who’s a part of the Beautiful People crowd at the Brighton school. So I think the show really is just about forming relationships and the relationships of their family because this side clops with Daphne Zuniga who plays the mother, Lynn Kerr and Torrey DeVitto who plays Karen, who is Sophie’s sister. It’s just a wonderful side clops, but it always comes back to the Kerr family and it’s pretty much a beautiful show in that aspect, plus starting over after stuff happens.

Sharon: Ricky I’ve kind of gotten the impression that you’re in love with Sophie already.

Ricky: On and off the camera. No, I’m just kidding.

Sharon: I would think that would be very easy to do she’s a very pretty young lady.

Ricky: She’s a terrific actress to work with, she’s absolutely wonderful. My character from the first minute I meet her in the first episode falls head over heels in love with her and it’s love at first sight, one way of course. But who knows maybe she will come around in another season, if we keep going.

Sharon: I want to talk to you fellows a little about your personal life. Jackson I know you were born in Singapore?

Jackson: Yes I was born to a family of travelers. I was born in Singapore, moved to Maydan, then Indonesia, then Cicada, then London, Connecticut, California, Norway, Eastern Texas, Midland Texas, went to a few years of boarding school in Michigan and then I moved out to Los Angeles and now I’m in Toronto.

Sharon: Can you give us a little background of what you’ve done in your career?

Jackson: Well I started out in theater in sixth grade; I joined an acting troupe in Midland, Texas. I joined the Pickwit Players at the community theater there. I just did a lot of work with them and decided I really liked the theater and so I went to two years of boarding school at Airlock & Arts Academy where I studied theater. It was just an amazing experience; I felt like I grew so much. I was ready to go to college and continue studying theater but chances happened and on a flux I guess I moved out to L.A. and I just kind of stayed there and I got work with Disney 411 which is on the Disney Channel. I played an interviewer who interviewed Raven, Hillary Duff, and other Disney celebrities. I’ve also done small films and two small independent features and then another feature coming up in November called the “Black Dogs” is my next project. So you know just kind of starting out, this is the first widely national thing I’ve done I think.

Sharon: You know what I see in your future someday is you playing a younger Hugh Grant in a movie. Has anybody ever told you look like him?

Jackson: Quite a bit actually. Yea that would be great, where do I sign for that.

Sharon: What about you Ricky can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ricky: Yea, I was born and raised all my life in Montreal, Canada, which is the French part of Canada, and then I moved to L.A. about two years ago. I got this role in “Beautiful People” when I was living in Los Angeles and it was kind of nice to go back to Canada, and work back close to home. I stared acting when I was I guess twelve years old. I did a movie with Burt Reynolds and Louise Fletcher down in California. Then I did about fifteen movies since then, all made for TV mostly. Played the sons to a lot of people like Michael Madsen, Bette Midler, Nathan Lane, a bunch of people and then I’ve done a Disney series and I did a series for England and all those Nickelodeon kid shows as well like “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and all those kind of kids shows.

I wish I had the space to do the whole interview we did with these two young men, but you can watch the full interviews on The Viewers Voice TV Show on West Allis Cable, Channel 14, Monday nights at 6:00-6:30 P.M., CST.

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