Luna Teen Interview (2010)

Thanks to Mina in the forums for translating this for us!

He’s open, kind and sincere, reaches out with certainty and instantly talks about everything. He’s beautiful with short hair combed backward so that his eyes stand out, as well as his remarkable smile which never leaves him.  He’s in capital of Mexico to promote a film “The Last Airbender 3D” together with director M. Night Shyamalan, and he enjoys in every moment during promotion.  Slides a few words in Castilian and he even gets red when asked some questions. Adorable!  I’m great, thank you (he ensures) I’m not tired, because I’m use to being restless, I always work, as soon as I get back to LA, I’ll continue to tour with my band. (100 Monkeys).

LT: Have you recorded an album yet?
JR: Yes, we already have few CDs, we did the first with impromptu topics, including lyrics, Ugly Girl, Smoke and Wastland Too, then we did another live session and our studio album called Live and kicking. We have two singles from it Kolopix and Future radio. The 20th of July we spoke about tour across US. From which we will record a live album. In 100 Monkeys there are Ben Graupner, Jerad Anderson, Lawrence Abrams and Ben Johnson.

LT: Is it hard to be an independent band?
JR: It’s hard but in the same time it connects us with our fans. If we were in a record label we would be more disconnected, tickets for the shows would be more expensive, we wouldn’t have intimate shows, and the connection that we have with our fans, being on stage close to people inspires us.

LT: I see, with the huge success of Twilight you would fear to let go the cable that holds you on ground..
JR: Ha ha ! Fortunately,  I have a wonderful  family and amazing friends. I’m in a small community, I work there and have my band. At the end of the day I’m my father’s only son and mother’s little baby, they keep my feet on the ground. The fame want change you, as long as you don’t change what surrounds you. When you have wonderful family like mine you can never change. I go back home, and I’m just one of many. I’m with my friends and just one of the guys.

LT: How do you feel working with fiction stories like Twilight and The Last Airbender?
JR: I like it. Since I’ve started this career I try to act characters that are very different between each other, I never was a typical casting actor who chooses a particular role, I like to do everything. I’ve traveled all around the world, I’ve met different cultures, lifestyles and I like to express all that in my art, whether through interpreting different types of music or acting various types of people. (Father is oil executive, that’s why Jackson was born in Singapore, from where the family moved and settled in Midland, Texas, where Jackson spent most of his childhood)

LT: Would you like to work in musical?
JR: I would love to, never was in any, but I hope to be in one someday. One of my life ambitions is directing children musical like Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, with happy songs, those fiction stories, from time when you were a child, that softens you and leaves you a message. I grew up with all that stories and there aren’t many of those today. I do not feel identified with High School Musicals, not even my little sister Brittney likes them and they are made for her age. I want the fairytale stories to return.

LT: You want to get involved throughout the process..
JR: Exactly, that’s why now I have production company, Patchmo entertainment. With my friend from the band, Jerad Anderson, we produced the movie “Girlfriend” and the band composed the original music. These are the types of things that I want to do, together they are a hit, but they are separated in many ways, the rock band mentality is separated. One day I would like to write a musical and it will be great.

LT: And in private life, where are the girls? Is there time for a romance?
JR: Mmmmm (it’s difficult for him to answer) the worst part of my life now..

LT: Please don’t cry..
JR: (laughs) No, It’s hard to find time for a date and much harder to find girls, you know. It’s important to find time just for my mental peace and to have time to take out pretty girl to dinner. You don’t always have an opportunity in LA.

LT: You live in LA?
JR: Yes, the biggest part of the year.

LT: And you have that crazy life that we can see in Entourage?
JR: (laughs) No, in Entourage you go out to clubs in Hollywood, come out in tabloids, its very glamorous, they drink, they smoke and that sort of things. I don’t like to promote myself, just my art.

LT: It seems to me that Sokka is sillier in animated movie, and in film he’s a complete gentleman, Like Jasper and yourself, right?
JR: Definitely, in every role I play, there’s something of me, I try to find similarities between my characters and myself and to find out how world looks and fells for that character. It’s one form   of expressing myself and while I act I find it easy to get involved in either aspect. In Jasper that is my southern mind, my chivalry in his sensitivity. I can also mess with my inner torments to convey what he feels, his fight against his instincts. Sokka is very protective of his sister, he fights for what he believes and that’s what we have uncommon. I’m very protective of my sister, my family, I also fight for what I believe and I make sore not to bend over the wings of fame. My personal heroes are Johnny Depp and Clint Eastwood, they continued doing art but they made shore not to fall into social cues. I try to be successful while still remaining the same person.

LT: I come from Argentina, south of the south and my readers asked me to invite you to visit..
JR: I would love to. One of the things I want to do with my band is to go to South America, we have big support from there, especially from Brazil and Mexico, we want to return some of the love that you gave to us. It’s hard to be an independent band because it’s complicated to find financial support for travels, anyway, we will try to reserve all the money possible to visit you next year.

LT: 100 Monkeys is a long-term project?
JR: Yes, we are together 3 years and I hope we will be for a long, long time.  I think that one day, when every one of us gets married and has children the situation will be different cause there will be more things to balance. My life now is dedicated to arts. When I meet special lady one day, fall in love, I’ll get married and have children, which is an ideal situation for me it’s probable that Ill change the priorities.  But now, I only love art, I love going on tours and my principal focus now is work, I feel it’s important. It’s very good life and I want more, I’m writing short length movie and Ill direct it this year, so it is very important for me to keep moving, to be in constant progress and create more art. It makes me grow like individual and like artist, I want to keep all this as long as I can.

LT: Did you hear something about my country?
And he started singing Don’t cry for me Argentina… truly I’ll never let you.. the stanzas of No llores por mi Argentina, from rock opera Evita, with an excellent voice.
JR: (laughter) The truth is that its medium hard.

LT: Then I suggest you to investigate it a little.
JR: I will, I will, it was a great pleasure, thanks.

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  1. That is some awsome info, thanks!!! He is such an awsome guy. Such a nice person. My fav. actor, actually:) <33

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