Phases: A Twilight Podcast Interview (July 2008)

First of all Jackson, I just want to say thank you so much for answering some of our questions. We at Phases are really excited to get to know you just a little bit more.

Phases: The question that I think everyone asks and fans always want to know is, have you read the books? If so, what do you like most about the books?

Jackson: I have read only the first book, I didn’t want to play anything that shouldn’t be revealed yet, a la Casablanca. However, I have studied my character’s personal background extensively using Wikipedia, various fan-sites, and especially picking Stephenie Meyers’ brain when I got to meet her before filming. She was extremely generous with information about Jasper and commended my desire to keep his character development as it is in the books, gradual. I
have cheated a little, though, and read parts of future books. I can’t help it… they’re so enticing.

Phases: Can you tell us anything about the audition process for the role of Jasper (multiple interviews, what did they have you read, etc)?

Jackson: I actually walked to the audition with my guitar, playing as I walked. I also wore my lucky cowboy boots.

What do you think about the Twilight Fandom? Were you surprised at how dedicated fans are?

Jackson: It’s blown me away. All the websites dedicated to the Cullens and the family… I must say, some of these fans are extremely talented! Making movie posters, trailers, photoshopping pictures together… I am extremely impressed.

Do you have any interesting/funny stories from the Twilight Set?

Jackson: I was prank called by Edi Gathegi. One night after a long day at the baseball field, I got a phone call,

“Hi, this is Kelly from the production office, we have to pull your call time to 4am, I’m sorry.”

Forget about it, I say, no worries. The sweet girl from production apologizes again, and we hang up. As I’m preparing for bed, moments later, the phone rings again. “Jackson, this is Edi, did Kelly just call you?”

Yeah, Edi, did you get a 4am call, too?

“No, Jacks… I’m Kelly.”

“Ha!” — Edi Gathegi called me. The man can make his voice sound like the sweetest in-flight stewardess. It’s unbelievable.

Phases: How do you relate most with Jasper? How do you differ most?

Jackson: I relate to Jasper most in our anger issues, however Jasper’s is more of a visceral sense. We differ in the obvious ways, Jasper is a vampire who will never die: I’m just a human. I would have loved being around in the twenties. Or to grow up with the Beat Generation? Sigh…

Phases: What has been your favorite scene that you have filmed or have yet to film and why?

Jackson: I’m extremely excited to film the first scene of the next book, where Jasper smells blood and lunges at Bella. It’s a moment that shatters Jasper’s confidence in his ability to control himself, and would be fun to go bloodlust berserk.

Phases: I have heard from other cast members that “The Cullen’s” have all become like a family on set. What do you think makes your specific group of actors so close?

Jackson: We have a family unit. We all fill niches that families make, I might just be the black-sheep. We do everything together: we eat dinner together, we go to the gym together, and to the store, to shopping, to sight-seeing… We’re really just a bloodthirsty Brady Bunch.

Phases: What kind of chemistry do you and Ashley Greene have on screen?

Jackson: Onscreen our chemistry is like Bogart, smoking.
Phases: What kind of research have you donefor your role?

I wanted Jasper to have that warrior calm, so I studied the history of the Civil War, and the book, Tao Te Ching. All my
family is from Louisiana, so I have my southern roots firmly planted. I believe Jasper is a stoic, much like Brutus of Julius Caesar.

Phases: As we know Jasper has the ability to manipulate emotions. What do you think are the best and worst things about your character’s ability?

Jackson: Jasper’sability to manipulate emotion is a useful implement for war time, but in everyday life, I don’t think it’s very fair to use. If Jasper and Alice get into a fight, he can BING and its all better, but there is no honor in that. Jasper’s
humility and reserve would prevent him from using his power in such a way, but when there is power, there is a temptation to use it, just as there is a thirst for blood.

Phases: The sequels to Twilight are New Moon, and Eclipse. If they these books are made into movies, would you want to continue your role?

Jackson: The sequels of Twilight are New Moon and Eclipse, and have some fun scenes for Jasper, especially Eclipse. I would love to continue my role in this series. Jasper is an incredible character to be able to bring to life.

Phases: Can you please describe the stunt work that you had to do for the film? Did you have to do any physical training for the role?

Jackson: I did some wire work towards the end of the film during the fight sequence, but I don’t want to reveal too much. All the actors were trained thoroughly through any physical stunts; we had a wonderful stunt crew who made us all feel safe.

Phases: If you had the chance to be any other character in Twilight, would you choose a different character and if so who would it be? And why?

Jackson: I don’t think I would really want to be any other character… the only option maybe being James, and that would merely be to satisfy blood lusting desires.

Phases: In the books Jasper is the newest member of the Cullen Family and is often referred to as the “weakest” when it comes to lusting for human blood. How do you think this struggle affects Jasper?
And have you been able to portray this struggle on film?

Jackson: This is the struggle that rules Jasper at this point. It hurts him to be around humans, but he sees it as a moral choice and he would do anything for Alice. I think Jasper’s struggle will read on film, and Alice’s ability to set him to ease.

Phases: Have you given Jasper any little quirks that are unique or identifiable?

Jackson: You’ll have to wait and see. Wink.

Phases: I hear that Portland is gorgeous. What is your favorite thing about where you are filming?

Jackson: I love being downtown and walking around. In LA, you drive everywhere you go; it’s been nice to walk everywhere again.

Phases: What do you do for free time, when you aren’t on the set?

Jackson: When I’m not on the set, I’m hanging with cast and crew, or making music in my hotel room. I never travel anywhere without my guitar, but I was in Portland so long, I ended up bringing my banjo as well and practiced whenever I could. Sorry neighbors.

Phases: What is your favorite Book and why?

Jackson: A recent favorite of mine is a book of Jack Keruac’s haikus. I always loved the form of
the haiku and the Beat Generation, so there you go.

Phases: What kind of music do you listen to?

Jackson: – Almost all I listen to these days.

Phases: What is your favorite role that you have played so far in your career?

Jackson: A good friend of mine is the chicken sandwich in the Burger King commercials. That sounds like fun.

Phases: What can we expect to see you in after Twilight?

Jackson: New Moon and Eclipse! -..,but, I’ll also be appearing in the new Rob Schneider film Big Stan, so keep looking out!

Thanks again Jackson! We are very excited for the movie to come out.

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