Luna Teen Interview (2010)

Thanks to Mina in the forums for translating this for us!

He’s open, kind and sincere, reaches out with certainty and instantly talks about everything. He’s beautiful with short hair combed backward so that his eyes stand out, as well as his remarkable smile which never leaves him.  He’s in capital of Mexico to promote a film “The Last Airbender 3D” together with director M. Night Shyamalan, and he enjoys in every moment during promotion.  Slides a few words in Castilian and he even gets red when asked some questions. Adorable!  I’m great, thank you (he ensures) I’m not tired, because I’m use to being restless, I always work, as soon as I get back to LA, I’ll continue to tour with my band. (100 Monkeys).

LT: Have you recorded an album yet?
JR: Yes, we already have few CDs, we did the first with impromptu topics, including lyrics, Ugly Girl, Smoke and Wastland Too, then we did another live session and our studio album called Live and kicking. We have two singles from it Kolopix and Future radio. The 20th of July we spoke about tour across US. From which we will record a live album. In 100 Monkeys there are Ben Graupner, Jerad Anderson, Lawrence Abrams and Ben Johnson.

LT: Is it hard to be an independent band?
JR: It’s hard but in the same time it connects us with our fans. If we were in a record label we would be more disconnected, tickets for the shows would be more expensive, we wouldn’t have intimate shows, and the connection that we have with our fans, being on stage close to people inspires us.

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