Fan Quarterly Interview (January 2011)

The Cullens are the world’s most popular supernatural family, and while each member of the Cullen clan plays an important role in the ‘Twilight Saga,’ in the latest release, “Eclipse,” we get a glimpse of just how important Jasper Hale becomes. Jasper plays a crucial role in the battle between the Vampires, Werewolves and the New Vampires. The man behind the vampire soldier, Jackson Rathbone, is perhaps more mysterious and intriguing than any of the other Twilight actors.

Rathbone and the rest of the crew are currently on location filming “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment of the Twilight series, so acquiring an interview with him was no easy task. With a busy schedule and a never-ending line of interview requests, Rathbone took some time to give Fan Quarterly an interview. Through this interview we were able to learn much more about this sexy, mysterious and exceptionally talented actor.

FAN QUARTERLY: How has your experience with the Twilight fans been like for you since the first film made its debut?

JACKSON RATHBONE: Absolutely wonderful. I hope they feel the same.

FQ: I know you’ve done a few Twilight conventions; is there any moment that stands out in your mind most from the conventions?

JR: Having my parents at one or two… that was weird. I didn’t know they were coming. I look up to sign an autograph, and there’s dad!

FQ:  The Twilight fans are extremely dedicated to the series; was there ever anything growing up that you were as dedicated to?

JR: X-Men… and eating hotdogs with ketchup. Or ketchup with hotdogs.

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