Italian Vanity Fair Interview (2010)

When I switch on my recorder Jackson Rathbone is already drinking his second beer and his cigarette case is almost empty. He just seems the good guy, maybe a little bit dissolute but he doesn’t share the moderate behavior of Jasper Hale, his character in Twilight. If Jasper Hale, Edward’s step-brother, has finally decided to be a vegetarian vampire like all the members of the Cullen family and he gave up to the desire of human blood, Jackson Rathbone has no intention to give up drinking or to smoke tobacco, or living a casual life.

It’s hard to say if this is a mask for this young American actor who defines himself an artist because he plays in a band called 100 Monkeys, he loves photography, he paints and he even writes his songs, or if he is really like that. Maybe his being an artist is related to how he lived his childhood: he’s the son of a Texas engineer and he was born in Singapore , he grew up between Indonesia, California, Norway(where he lived for four years) and Texas.

But at the end we didn’t talk a lot about the saga which is going to be released on June 30th, even if in Eclipse his character has a more important role. Jasper is going  to lead the fight against an army of newborn and really dangerous vampires.

And he’s the only one who could do it because in 1863 he became a vampire during the American Civil War to train and kill newborn vampires .

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