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Volvocast Interview (January 2009)

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In January 2009, the Brazilian Twilight podcast Volvocast had the opportunity to interview Jackson. Here follows the interview transcript.

Jackson: Hello?

Ily (Interviewer): Hello, is this Jackson?

Jackson: Yes it is Jackson.

Ily: Hi Jackson, this is Ily from Volvocast, the Brazilian ‘Twilight’ podcast.

Jackson: Ohh hello, how are you doing?

Ily: I’m fine, and you?

Jackson: I’m doing well, doing well, had a good New Year’s, how was yours? Continue Reading

Jackson Rathbone Backstage Lounge Interview (April 2009)

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Transcript from the recent interview with Jackson at the 100 Monkeys gig at Backstage Lounge, Vancouver.  The conversation is mumbled in some parts, but this is the bulk of it!

Interviewer: You been having a lot of fun with the cast yet?

Jackson: Yeah, man…

Interviewer: Party every night?

Jackson: Party, dude… We have a lot of work to do…

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