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Thanks to Twilight Wiki, here’s a transcript of Jackson’s Q&A chat on Twilight Wiki! Did any of our visitors join the chat and ask a question? He answered a few of mine!

Q. Xean 1) How did you feel when you first picked up the script on jasper (sillygirlrini’s question)
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Xean – I loved the character of Jasper, especially his backstory, we’re both from Texas

Q. CourtneyP Hi Jackson, what you going to miss the most when you the whole ‘twilight saga’ is over?:)
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone CourtneyP – I’ll miss the free food

Q. 97.barbarahi jackson , i’m from PORTUGAL , i wanted to know what was making the film ? what u feel about it ?? i love u so much and PORTUGAL want to see this movie so much, i’ve already bought my ticket
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone 97.barbara – I love making the films, Jasper is a great character and I loved getting a chance to play him

Q. Rachiepattinson hey jackson, what are you going to miss most? how is your new family x
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Rachiepattinson – my new family is amazing!

Q. Christinaaa who will you miss the most?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Chrisrinaaa – I’ll miss Jasper the most

Q. Savannah Star What kind of music do you love?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone savannah star – I love rock n roll!

Q. Daisy10Smiley Are you working on any new projects- Daisy101
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Daisy – my solo single is out on iTunes “Billy Badass” check it out!

Q. MrsLunchBox @Jackson, have you ever chatted with your fan’s?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone MrsLunchBox – yep. am doing that right now

Q. Summerrlautner if you could be an animal what would it be?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Summer – puppy

Q. Fanny Rizo Will you make a video of billy baddass’???
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Fanny – maybe…..

Q. Anise MAny upcoming projects?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Anise – many!

Q. Sillygirlrini @Jackson, do you have any new movies in the works?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Sillygirl – about to start filming! rght after thanksgiving

Q. Haifa2007 Are you coming to The Netherlands any time soon ???
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Haifa – very soon!

Q. JRArgentina Jackson, you will come to South America soon? we love you here
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone JRArgentina – I would love to, can i stay on your couch?

Q. Moralesjani When you filmed BD p.1 and p.2 did it feel like u filmed to movies or one really really long one?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Morales – it felt like one REALLLLLY LOOOONG movie

Q. JasperandDamonhottestvamps What would you have wanted to know more about Jasper? (his backstory, or what happened after Breaking Dawn.) With so many questions, omg, this is impossible.
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Jasperanddamon – I would have loved to show when Jasper and Alice met

Q. Glassbug what has your favriout country to visit been
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Glassburg – the one i’ve yet to visit

Q. Alyanagutierrez Jackson, do you love me please? haha
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Alyana – yes

Q. Lily! What was it like portraying Jasper for 4 years now? @Jackson
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Lily! – a wonderful process, getting to develop him ovr the years

Q. Queen Padme Amidala of the Naboo Jackson, I want to get into the Hollywood filmmaking processes, s could you please send me your agents info?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Queen – its Paradigm Agency

Q. Luvkiss1973 BTW adorable pic, thanks for sharing
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone LuvKiss – welcome!

Q. Myst1224 was it fun making to movie?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Myst – lots of fun with friends

Q. Priscillabdias Jackson when do you come to Brazil ?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Priscilla – buy me a ticket

Q. Haifa2007 if you could pic any other character to play (not Jasper) how would you want to play??
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Haifa – James

Q. JasperandDamonhottestvamps What is the craziest compliment you have gotten from a fan? This question is so common.
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Jasperanddamon – that i have very white eyes

Q. Ericmoro Hi Jackson! What’s your favorite movie (besides the Twilight Saga, of course)?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Erimoro – -the big lebowski

Q. Ksanthoulacullen @Jackson will u come to greece????
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone ksanthou – sure, when?

Q. Glassbug whats your favriout food?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Glassburg – baby back ribs

Q. StellaDonnaS Have you heard about the Warm Bodies movie? Today I saw the trailer, what do you think about it? Zombielove…
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Stella – i love zombies!

Q. CourtneyP What do you prefer making music or acting?:Dx
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone courtneyp – can’t choose

Q. Naddam Hello Jackson, How do you think about premiere twilight saga breaking dawn part 2?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Naddam – I think its the best twilight movie yet

Q. Myst1224 was it fun to do the baseball scene in the first movie?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Myst – lots of fun! but it rained a lot

Q. KingHenryVIII have you ever been to Germany? Berlin? come here!!
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone KingHenry – love the beer! i love Germany!

Q. Rainbow Shifter Jackson: Who is your favourite character other than Jasper?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Rainbow – Aro

Q. TwilightXRaven Jackson, I noticed in the books and movies that Alice and Jasper seem to be very private about PDA and stuff unlike emmett and rose and the others, do you think thats because Jasper came from the civil war and relationships between men and women were a lot more proper and very different than now
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Twilight – yes, i completely agree

Q. Naddam What do you feel when you realize that the twilight saga coming to an end?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Naddam – it doesnt feel like an ending, but a new beginning

Q. Chelsea3089 your the best actor that played Jasper
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone chelsea – thanks

Q. Daniellewhite5 Which Twilight movie was the most fun to shoot?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Daniell – Eclipse

Q. XeanGuys, lets stop asking Jackson to come and visit us and get some of the good stuff answered like, what was your biggest blooper
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Xean – I almost fell off the horse in Eclipse

Q. Vemktwilight Jackson, who is the most funny person at the cast?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Vemkt – me

Q. Youknownothingjonsnow What are some of your favorite tv shows?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone youknownothing – south park

Q. Chelsea3089 whats your favorite movie from the twilight saga?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Chelsea – twilight

Q. Fanny Rizo Jackson what do you like the most be an actor or a producer??
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Fanny – i love it all

Q. Youknownothingjonsnow Favorite zombie film?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone youknownothn – Day of the Dead

Q. AniseM Any plans to play music at the local LA venues again?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone anise – yup

Q. Luvkiss1973 Would you play Danny in a Grease remake?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone luvkiss – sure

Q. Kick-Ass-Pope Who is your favourite character in the Volturi?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Kick-as – Aro!

Q. JRArgentina Favourite place to travel?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone JRArgentina – to see my parents

Q. Alyanagutierrez Thank you for answering us. You’re so kind. please send my regards to Rob and Kristen, please?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone alyanna – okay

Q. Myst1224 was it fun having to try not to kill bella?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone myst – i enjoyed it

Q. Moralesjani Are you coming to Dallas soon? WE love you here!
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone morales – yeah, i’ve got family there

Q. Haifa2007Who is your BFF on set?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Haifa – jasper

Q. Rainbow Shifter I think purple means do you wish Jasper was mates with someone other than Alice?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone rainbow – alice and jasper forever

Q. CourtneyP thank you for making the twilight movies great, it was amazing to watch them, you and all the other cast members did an amazing job
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone courntey – thanks sweetheart!

Q. Purple warfreak Jackson, is there someone in particular you wish to be paired with other than ashley
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone purple – nope

Q. MrsLunchBox @Jackson It is not annoying to answer all these questions?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone mrslunchbox – i’m doing my best

Q. Alyanagutierrez Jasper/Jackson. i really love your character
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone alyanna – thanks

Q. Station7 How is it to play with Ashley Greene?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone station – wonderful, she’s a sweet heart and a true talent

Q. Luvkiss1973 When will a cd of the rest of your music come out? I love #BillyBadass
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone luvkiss – the rest of the album will be out in Dec

Q. Haifa2007 How is Mackenzie?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone haifa – she’s a sweetheart

Q. Alyanagutierrez Jackson, what song will byou sing for me?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone alyanna – what do you want to hear?

Q. JRArgentina Jackson, can you say something in spanish? please
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone JRArgentina – te amo

Q. Queen Padme Amidala of the Naboo Yes, like Haifa, is Mackenzie great to work with, professionally?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Queen – she is amazing!

Q. Jbnical @Jackson-how is kristen?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone jbnical – kristen is a badass vamp

Q. Glassbug if you could preform any song with person dead or alive who would it be?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Glassburg – johnny cash

Q. 97.barbara have u ever been to PORTUGAL??
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone 97.barab – not yet

Q. Youknownothingjonsnow Do you have a favorite moment/memory from when you were filming the movies?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone youknwnothing – the original Twilight, gettng to meet my fellow castmates

Q. StellaDonnaS What do you think about so many twilight haters?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone stella – art is subjective

Q. Crazy4caruso Was your wig uncomfortable?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone crazy4 – very much so

Q. Fanny Rizow ill you come back to mexico soon?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone fany – i would love to!

Q. Haifa2007 Would you like to come to The Nethetlands?
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone Haifa – i’ve been through before!

Q. Lily! Whats the surprise twist at the end of BDP2? @Jackson
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone lily – its a suprise

Q. KingHenryVIII say something german jackson please
A. TheRealJacksonRathbone kinghenry – i don’t know how to spell german… but i can kinda speak it  

TheRealJacksonRathbone:thanks so much for the great questions

TheRealJacksonRathbone: i apologise if i didnt get to you, but you guys rock!

TheRealJacksonRathbone: i often do q&a’s on my twitter account so follow me @jacksonrathbone

TheRealJacksonRathbone: love and respect!!!!

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