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Posted on Jul 14, 2012 • By • Categories: Music City(15) Comments

EDIT: Looks like Jackson will not be a part of this project, at this time anyway. He confirmed the information via twitter.

  • Jul 15nan says:  

    are you kidding me!!! he must have made enough money to fund this himself what with twilight and all. i’ve never heard of such a thing.!!!

  • Jul 15Uli says:  

    He probably could, its not his job as an actor, though! Crowdfunding has become a very important part of film-making, esp. for independent films with no backing from a big studio. Go to kickstarter or indiegogo, you see hundreds of film projects.

  • Jul 15nan says:  

    thanks for enlightening me Uli…like i said “i’ve never heard of such a thing ” : )

  • Jul 15layla says:  

    Great! Another movie that we will never see! I really don’t understand his choices…don’t get me wrong, i love independent movies, and i really appreciate actors that dedicate themselves to independent projects, especially famous actors that could do almost anything they wanted, like jackson…but he has a knack for picking projects that most certainly will never see the light.

  • Jul 15Cami says:  

    Can’t he afford to put that money in for himself, if he wants to do the movie and get it off the ground? Surely with his Twilight earnings, an amount like that would be nothing to him. It seems pretty sad that he expects his fans to pay for his films to get them started, and then pay for them again to see them, if they end up actually making it to the theaters. I’m starting to think that he’s every bit the user and tool that people have been saying that he is.

  • Jul 15Debbie says:  

    Why should Jackson finance the film? It is not his (unlike Girlfriend in which he was a producer); he has only been cast in the film. And Jackson did not start this Kickstarter project, he was cast afterwards.. Please investigate the kickstarter and indiegogo projects and how films are financed. Even Matthew Lillard had a kickstarter project for his film Fat Kid Rules. That being said, with only 11 days to go and ~22k needed for this project, it may not get funded. I will continue to promote the film hoping that, if funded, it airs in a city near me or at least I can get a DVD later (like I can for Girlfriend).

  • Jul 15Gel says:  

    Thank you, Debbie! Oh and, Adam Brody was in a similar situation/project, and they were not able to reach their goal for it, however they still ended up filming and completing the project. It even ended up in a few festivals recently. So we can all hope ‘Music City’ will still happen regardless if they meet their goal or not.

    Cami, there are tons of other actors/actresses that have been involved in films like this one where they needed a bit of a “kickstart” to get off the ground. Just because he’s an actor who’s made money, does not mean he has to finance it himself. This isn’t a project like ‘Girlfriend’ where he’s a producer. He was cast in this film AFTER the kickstarter page was created.

    Various actors and actresses have been in “kickstarter/indiegogo” projects and some have been in high-profile movies/television series before. So this sort of thing hasn’t been unheard of.

  • Jul 16Kimberly says:  

    @ Cami: …Um, because it’s not his film?

    What exactly has Jackson done that’s got everyone so up in arms?

  • Jul 16Sam says:  

    It sounds right up his alley. I hope it happens. One sentiment I do agree with is that I hope he does more films that get widely distributed. I want him to be richer and more famous while still being his adorable Texan self.

  • Jul 16Jason says:  

    Jackson just posted on his twitter that he is NOT part of this project at this time. http://twitter.com/JacksonRathbone/status/225007515824439298

  • Jul 16Gel says:  

    Thanks, Jason. Just saw the tweet as well. Have edited the post.

  • Jul 17Lindy says:  

    Sorry, but I have a problem with the whole concept of fans being asked to fund film projects and then being expected to pay to see them at the theatres. Just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Jul 17Lulu says:  

    Lol, everything is turned into such a huge drama lately.

    I don’t see anything wrong with artists/producers asking for help if they cannot afford the costs of something they consider special (as Girlfriend was, for ex), as long as that money is well spent on the final product. It’s a shame so many great indie projects won’t see the light simply because of economic issues.

    Anyway, Jackson is not involved in this project so his money has nothing to do with this. Still, I don’t think we should help fund projects depending on who is going to act there, but on what is the project about and if we consider it worth supporting.

  • Jul 17J - says:  

    Relax. Jackson himself said he is NOT involved with this project at the moment.

    Why is Jackson getting hate for a movie trying to get funding? He wasn’t personally tweeting or asking fans to help donate money. Why get upset at an actor who has NOTHING to do with it?

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