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Posted on May 31, 2012 • By • Categories: Cowgirls 'N Angels , Gallery , Interviews(16) Comments

Cowgirls ‘n Angels | Jackson Rathbone | Bailee Madison | Hollywood Dailies | Movie Trailer | Review

Jackson Rathbone and Bailee Madison talk about their new movie, Cowgirls N’ Angels

Screencaptures from the interview and the recent Young Hollywood interview have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Screencaptures > Online Interviews > Reelz Channel interview with Jackson and Bailee
Screencaptures > Online Interviews > Young Hollywood interview with Jackson and Bailee

  • Jun 01Ann says:  

    What’s wrong with his face? He looks weird…probably back on the dope. Dope is for dopes dude

  • Jun 01traci says:  

    At least he doesn’t look quite as bloated as he did at that other premiere; he was looking a lot rougher there, like he’d had way too many late nights out getting trashed and not getting any sleep.

  • Jun 01ava says:  

    jackson doesnt really play much of a role in this film,very minor. i suspect he is being used to promote the film. from the clips i have seen i wont be buying this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 01Ann says:  

    Well if he is being used no one is going to see it because I think he’s lost a lot of his fan base suing his friends and such. Just sayin

  • Jun 01Irina says:  

    ah les langues de vipère sont de retour je vois… *roule des yeux*

    je trouve qu’il a l’air bien,mise à part des cernes de ouf, ce qui est normal avec sa vie du moment.

  • Jun 01Irina says:  

    oh, et il a l’air heureux, ce qui est le principal

  • Jun 02Rachel says:  

    Well, this type of movie isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but my Dad loves cowboy movies, so I might make it a daddy/daughter date. Amen! Irina, haters will be haters. I’m still a fan of Jackson, he’s a true artist!

  • Jun 02Lulu says:  

    It’s really sad how this site is now so full of bitches and nasty comments. Here is Jackson looking so bright and happy with this sweet little girl, talking about the movie and just being nice and funny, and all this stupid comments and speculations come up. Probably the same fangirls who are still heartbroken about the fact he’s going to be a dad. Seriously, poor Jackson. All this fans complaining about how he changed when the only ones who changed are them.
    Ann, grow up. If you dislike him so much, do yourself a favour and move on. There’s no point in wasting your time in the webpage of someone who deserves so little respect from you and can’t fill your expectations, right?

  • Jun 03Yue says:  

    What happened to the actual fanbase, where did everybody go? It’s really sad to see this kind of development, i mean, he did not kill somebody, did he?
    That he “lied” to the fans or whatever is no valid argument to me, heard worse stuff about other celebs and the fans didn’t stop supporting them.

    It’s a joy to see him coming up with that project or at least getting some news on him.

  • Jun 03Grussell says:  

    I usually stay pretty quiet. But if you have such a big problem with Jackson now, why bother following him? There are always 3 sides to each story. In the Monkeys case, it is Jackson’s side, Johnson’s side, and the full truth. But it is their business. As for him and Sheila…once again, it is their business. If he is happy, GREAT! I for one will continue to follow him because he is a great singer/songwriter and an awesome actor. Follow him if you like him. If not, just let the man be.

  • Jun 03Jasmin says:  

    I personally think that people should be able to say what they want, calling people ‘bitches’ because they have an opinion that differs from yours is very immature. We’ve all heard rumours about the baby being here already, rumours about Sheila and jacksons odd behaviour surrounding the baby and people who have all different views of these rumours come and visit this site to check up on the news to see if they’ve been affirmed or if jacksons public life gives any clues.

    Now I myself AM leaning on the ‘Sheila is playing a game’ side of the fence, as there are so many clues it would be silly to think that the baby was planned, and it obviously happened very quickly, possibly even a one night stand. I personally saw the tweet Sheila sent Jackson of her number before she deleted her account because someone found out her name and posted it on tumblr, this was in VERY early sept, and everyone knows their ONS was in mid to late August when he was in florida (whisky challenge was also there), so I Some people are saying its probably not his but I think it very well could be. I also think the baby is here already, and he’s having a paternity test done,it’s also why Shannon has had to postpone her trip. I would bet money on the fact that she is not in a relationship with him, and things are very strained and forced between them. Examples of why I think this would be from his pictures in tweets of his bedroom, no pillows on the other side of the bed, no sign of any of Sheila’s belongings. Also in the video of them leaving Denny’s he pushed her hands away and never seems to want to touch her. At the gentle giants impromptu set he didn’t even want to go near her and he never seems to be physically touching her. Finally he NEVER mentions her in his tweets, he didn’t even include her in the ‘happy mothers day’ tweet. Now look at the fact that she’s (was) supposedly pregnant with his child, if they were in a relationship he would treat her so differently, or at least I hope he would. He’d at least wrap an arm around her once in a while, mention her in a mothers day tweet etc.

    Now I’m NOT a Jackson hater, but if you’ve read all of the above and still don’t have any doubts about the integrity of this poorly devised public show then fine! But many people think he is definitely playing some sort of game and who can blame him, regardless of his irresponsible behaviour and not wrapping it up, he’s desperately trying to save his public image and if I was stupid enough to get into this mess then I’d probably do the same thing. Honestly I can’t wait until this stops being such a mystery and he declares himself as the dad or a victim, then sends Sheila on her way. Btw, I also I have neutral feelings for Sheila, i can see why people look for situations like this to get into, people get desperate I get it and she doesn’t really have any sort of promising career or prospects in general, and if the guy’s stupid enough to let himself get trapped then fair play, if she was seriously in a relationship with him right now I’d accept her, regardless of whether it was started from a ONS and an illegitimate child, but its such an obvious charade. Please people think for yourselves a little, look at what Jackson is not saying and you’ll find the answers.

  • Jun 04Lulu says:  

    Jasmin, I agree that everyone can say what they want, the thing is how you say it. When I said ‘bitches’, I wasn’t talking about people who respectfully differs and has a critic to make, but about people who is mean and start rumours on purpose. Connecting “He looks weird” with “He’s probably back on the dope” is a comment with bad intention, and you know it. Still now I can’t find a better word than ‘bitch’ to define the kind of person who throws shit over someone she doesn’t even know.

    I said this months ago and I’ll say it again: we really need to calm down with the circus and the speculations. We barely have any official information, and trying to collect it from people who aparently saw him here and there or is a friend of a friend of a friend is what has created all this madness, and honestly, it’s really sick. I’m starting to believe most of Jackson’s fanbase is a bunch of crazy stalkers, analizing his body language, his every word, every corner of every picture in his twitter account. I’ve read the craziest theories about him based on pretty much nothing (one of them: “he gained weight, he must be living with her and she must be cooking for him”).

    I’m not going to talk about what happened with the Monkeys cause I have no idea what happened, all I know is people is saying he sued them, but I’m not going to talk about something based on a few words said by fans.

    Now, about the Sheila thing, what do we know for sure? He probably (probably, cause this is also an speculation) had a one night stand with a burlesque dancer and now she is pregnant and he is going to be a father. So, he thought with his cock and didn’t messure the consequences. He was stupid and immature. Now, I think it’s also important to say that, while most celebrity guys do that and don’t assume their responsability until they get the results of a paternity test, Jackson has done the opposite. He took the responsability before having proof of anything. Some fans would think that’s stupid. I think that’s being mature and reparing the immature behaviour you had in the first place. If the baby is his, tomorrow that child will have the happiness of knowing that his father was there from the first moment, even with the doubt.

    I guess most of the fans are mostly disappointed cause they felt he lied to his fans painting the picture of the long term girlfriend. Now, have you realized that Jackson needs to work? Haven’t you considered that he needs to keep a good image not mostly for the fans, but for directors and producers who hire him? Seriously, what were you expecting? A headline saying: ‘It’s true, I slept with a burlesque dancer and knocked her up’? You can’t be honest like that unless you won’t your public image to change drastically and play Charlie Sheen roles your whole life. Fans are very important for an actor, but they aren’t the ones who hire them and pay them for playing a role in a movie. The video here is a clear example. How could he be sitting next to this adorable girl and promoting a nice family movie after openly admiting that? I’m not saying it’s ok to lie, and I hate when people pretend to be something they’re not, but this is shallow Hollywood. Sadly, what you sell is what you are. He probably doesn’t like having to pretend either, but if he wants to keep working he needs to do it, cause he isn’t Robert Pattinson, he is Jackson Rathbone, the guy who has 5 lines per Twilight movie (except for Eclipse). He could be out of the business in an instant if he wasn’t careful with what he shows.

    So I suggest we all calm down, stop speculating so much and free our minds from all this rumours, for the sake of our own health and the others. If you think what he is done is bad enough to make you lose respect for him, that’s perfectly ok. Life goes on, and people moves on. It’s not that much of a tragedy. If he’s done things wrong, he’ll pay for it. But don’t make him pay before you even know exactly what he’s done.

  • Jun 05Andie says:  

    The movie looks like it’ll be pretty good and Bailee is adorable! She reminds me of my niece. :)

    As for the other discussion regarding everything going on between Jackson and the rest of the former 100 Monkeys, personally, I will continue to support all of them, regardless of what is going on with all of them. We may never know and really, it’s none of our business. And as for him and Sheila, I wish them well in whatever relationship they have whether it be friendship or more and I wish them the best with their son. A child is a blessing, no matter how it came to be.

  • Jun 06Calliso says:  

    Yeah while I agree with Jasmin about the thing with Sheila being a big charade I also agree with Lulu about the whole image thing. I mean while the Twilight movies did push him into the spotlight a bit he still isnlt some big name actor by a long shot. And really once the last Twilight movie is over and done with I think regardless of all this Sheila./baby crap his career would take a hit. Now he has to deal with a baby on the way not to mention try to keep a good public image and repair the damage already done. Coming out and saying yes I had a one night stand with a stripper and knocked her up and this whole relationship I am trying to protray is a big charade isn;t exactly going to help thing. And yeah like Lulu said fans are important but they aren;t the ones doing the hiring. I mean I am not thrilled with his actions I have lost a little respect for him but I do understand the pressue he likely is/was under to promote a certain image of himself. And I do think it is admirable that he basically took responsiblity for the kid before he could have known it was his. As for the whole suing his friends thing the only thing I have been able to find on that is a few random fan comments nothing solid at all. So while it is possible that he is being an ass and is in the wrong there it is also quite possible he is justified in his actions. I doubt anyone us know the whole story.

  • Jul 29Helen Conner says:  

    They look happy with each others company. Their movie seems to be interesting, I will watch this..

  • Sep 02Debbie says:  

    I have not been reading comments on the online news posts for some time now.. But I was doing a google search and it led me here.
    I do want to state that if anyone chooses to base their opinion on one statement and not the whole story, thery are being baised and prejudiced. I cannot stop them from making such uninformed posts. But I did want to point out a couple of facts. Jackson did not sue his friends, he sent a cease and desist letter (yes, that is a precusor to a lawsit if they chose to ignore it). Second, BOTH Ben G and Jackson owned the trademark to 100 Monkeys. Why Ben G and Ben J chose not to fight is knowledge I do not have. Finally, do not forget that when the announcement was made that Jerad and Jackson were no longer active members of the band, Jerad tweeted that was not true and he was coming back after a film project.
    Was I upset and angry that 100 Monkeys was over at the time? A definite YES. Do I still get angry and sad that I will never see them live again ? YES Do I sometimes blame one or more members for the breakup? YES, but I also know I do not have the entire story so I do not let that affect my personal life or my support of all the members.

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